Looking for high quality anatomical footwear? You’ve come to the right place! Welcome to Grey Anatomic… See our rich offer of modern designed models clogs, slippers and bags.

Our Grey Anatomic for everyone from 7 to 77...

Since 1971, we produce exclusive footwear which complies with the
medical and orthopedic standards. We cover the whole process from idea to final destination.


Anatomic table (the tread) is adapted to each type of foot, imitating walk bare feet in the sand. Follow physiology and shape of the foot when walking. No traumatized soft tissues.


Upholstered in leather. Heels height in relation to the toes of the foot is 2cm.


In the heel shoes has an oval tub bounded by the edge area in which the heel has its own tray to the anatomical shape of the heel.


Interior insole filled with air (air bags), which allows a comfortable pace, and helps in the elimination of “sore toe“.

New models

Superior design & quality of models

Grey models are made in microfiber fabric, the set skin and leather insole. They are fully adapted to the professional needs of people with long-standing, and home comfort.

Anatomic slippers

Grey clogs for kids, parents and grandparents!

Choose one of our models and cheer their loved ones. Clogs, slippers, bags made of natural leather, microfiber and eco skin and thus provide a pleasant smell, good looks and biochemical similarity to the user's skin.

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Grey handbags made of the finest natural leather, lined with microfiber. They are very unique and are handmade. Find your favorite models backpacks, ladies and big ladies bag.

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